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The Wright Look - Visualization Sample Create Visualizations for: New Home Construction, Remodeling, Landscaping, Construction Approvals, Bid Presentations, Real Estate Advertising, and more!
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The Magic of Visualization

Visualization is a term used to describe the ability to develop mental images of things that for one reason or another we cannot view directly with our own eyes. It has evolved from simple, symbolic like representations used by our prehistoric ancestors to highly realistic, life-like images generated by today's computer technology. Although the form of visualization has changed over the years, it has always been a valuable tool for communicating ideas because people perceive images much clearer than the spoken words or text on a paper. The old cliché "A picture is worth a thousand words" says it best.

The Wright Look applies computerized visualization techniques to home building, remodeling, landscaping and other construction related projects. Construction projects are complex products which require large investments and many decisions that impact how the final product is going to appear. Drawings and landscape plans are good tools for doing the detailed construction work, but don't provide the realistic visual information necessary for effective buyer decision making. Color, texture, scale and lighting characteristics of organic materials used in construction and landscaping must be seen to fully appreciate them. Let The Wright Look solve this problem for you by letting you see it first.

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